Home Staging: before & after examples

Highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers by investing time in preparing and staging your home for the real estate market.

Top 5 Home Staging Tips:

  1. Paint it pretty: “Fresh paint is huge,” say Karri Street of K Street Home Designs. “If the house hasn’t been painted in years and you’ve had kids and pets around, consider fresh paint. It can change a house, inside and out.”

  3. C is for clean: People have different standards of cleanliness, but when it comes time to sell your home, nothing short of spotless is good enough.“Potential buyers look into all your cupboards, so make sure everything is neat and tidy, from your linen closet to your luggage,” says Danne Neill, a real estate broker with the Muljat Group in Bellingham.Ensure all horizontal surfaces are free of “stuff,” and consider hiring a professional cleaner to make sure your home is really, truly clean.

  5. Begone, clutter: Many people accumulate too much furniture over the years, Neill says.“Too much furniture prevents a potential purchaser from looking at a space and feeling it might work for them,” she says. “So pack away a good deal of your personal possessions and keep only the nicest pieces of furniture. Choose Pottery Barn colors, opting for nice, bright and simple.”

  7. Update the old: If your finishes are outdated and you can afford to update them, do it, Street says.“Pulls or knobs in bathrooms and kitchens can help make cabinets look newer,” she says. “Consider purchasing inexpensive new drapes and blinds from a department store, and if your cabinets are really old, either paint or reface them, if replacing them is not an option.”

  9. Mask those odors: A bad-smelling home is not a quick seller, so make an effort to give your house some nose-appeal. Use an air-purifier while your home is listed.“Plants are wonderful to help absorb bad smells,” she says. “And if they look good, they add aesthetically, too.”

Here’s how a few simple changes enhance these key areas of a home:

Living Rooms: Before (left) – After (right)

Living Room Before Living Room After

Living Room 2 - Before Living Room 2 - After

Dining Areas: Before (left) – After (right)

Dining Room Before Dining Room After

Dining Room 2 - Before Dining Room 2 - After

Living/Dining Areas: Before (left) – After (right)

Living/Dining Area Before Living/Dining Area After

diningtable-oct15-before diningtable-oct15-after

Front Entry: Before (left) – After (right)

Entry Before Entry After

Just a few simple additions to an entry can make it more warm and welcoming.

Empty Nook: Before (left) – After (right)

Empty Wall Bistro

Create a bistro on an empty nook to entice an afternoon chat.

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