Staged and Two Weeks Later –
Had a Solid Offer

After sitting on the market for five months with no offers, these clients decided to take their property off the market. They contacted me to look over their property and stage it, inside and out. They decided to re-list the freshly staged house, and in about two weeks, they had an offer. Another example of the power of home staging!

Some of the ways I helped these homeowners maximize their equity:  

  • I helped them pick the colors for their house and garages, which made the home look new and current.
  • I helped them with the full acre of landscaping including:
  • Giving them plants from my own gardens to help them fill in their beds.
  • Guided them to a horticulturalist, who helped them remove over a dozen large trees which were blocking light into their gardens as well as “limbing up” & pruning trees that were blocking views and light from the house.
  • I gave them ideas for establishing cohesion in their garden design so the beds flowed from one to the other around the home.

I hope this slideshow gives you some inspiration for your own home!

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